Our Location

739 Palmerston Avenue
Toronto ON M6G 2R3

Special hours for vulnerable populations only:

Monday Closed
Tuesday-Sunday 11am to 12pm

Regular Store Hours:

Monday Closed
Tuesday-Friday 12pm to 7pm
Saturday-Sunday 12pm to 6pm
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Membership Type:

Membership Loan (optional):

Yes, I would like to lend $100, entitling me to a discount on my membership fee when paid annually
 in advance, and to take out an IOU if necessary.

Membership Agreement:

I wish to be a member of Karma Cooperative, gaining the democratic rights of Karma Members and the right to shop at Karma. I hereby agree to meet the obligations of members as set out in Karma's by-laws, policies and other regulations, adopted by the members or the Board of Directors, as amended in accordance with the by-laws. I agree that all members of the Karma household are jointly and severally responsible for any debts to Karma incurred by any member of the household, including work hours (or equivalent fees instead of working) owed. I received a copy of the member booklet at the time I signed this form. I understand that future changes to Karma's membership policies will be posted in the store or publicized by other means, but I cannot expect personal notification of these changes. Specifically, I understand that there may be changes made to: The fee in lieu of work and the percentage surcharge.

I further agree to contribute to maintaining Karma as a safe and welcoming space by treating all participants with respect. I understand that if my behaviour is discriminatory or harassing, that service may be denied to me and/or my membership may be revoked.