Our Location

739 Palmerston Avenue
Toronto ON M6G 2R3

Special hours for vulnerable populations only:

Monday Closed
Tuesday-Sunday 11am to 12pm

Regular Store Hours:

Monday Closed
Tuesday-Friday 12pm to 7pm
Saturday-Sunday 12pm to 6pm
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Interested in joining Karma?

By joining Karma, you will become part of a member-owned, democratic co-op that provides ethically sourced, healthy, delicious food and sustainable household products to its 1,000 members. Located in the heart of the Annex, we have convenient store hours and an incredible community.

Click here to fill in our New Member Registration form. Once the form is filled in, a Karma staff member will contact you to follow up. You can also read the Membership Handbook to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a Karma Co-op member.

How to join Karma

1. Come visit the store – here is where to find us.

2. Attend an orientation session: In just over an hour, you will learn everything you need to know about Karma, from member labour information, to products and opportunities to get involved in running the co-op. Learn about upcoming dates and sign up for a session here.  After your orientation you may join as a member or shop at the co-op as a Guest Shopper (with a 15% surcharge)

3. Choose your membership type: Karma has 4 types of memberships in order to accommodate and best suit your lifestyle and shopping habits. Choose between Working, Flat Fee, Percentage-rated or Work-exempt memberships:

  • Working Membership: Working members contribute two hours of work per month in exchange for paying the sticker price on all products (our lowest member price). If there is any month where a member is unable to work, they can pay off their hours at a rate of $12.50/hour.
  • Flat Fee Membership: Flat Fee members contribute $25 per month in lieu of working in exchange for paying the sticker price on all products (our lowest member price). If there is any month where a Flat Fee member would like to and is able to work, they should feel free to do so.  Flat fees will not be charged to accounts in any months where a Flat Fee member works.
  • Percentage-rated Membership: Rather than having a monthly work or flat fee commitment, Percentage-rated members pay a 10% surcharge on top the sticker price on all products. This membership type works well for those who cannot commit to working or spend less than $250.
  • Work-exempt Membership: Work-exempt Members are exempt from all monthly commitments and paying the 10% surcharge.  This membership option is only available to seniors (65+), those on parental leave or who have a medical exemption.

4. Decide how you would like to pay your Membership Fee: All members pay an annual membership fee.  Membership fees help to cover some of the costs associated with membership (such as The Chronicle newsletter and the Annual General Meeting), as well as helping to maintain and upgrading the building.  Membership fees are $50 per year.  Fees can be paid annually in full, or in quarterly installments of $12.50. Members who provide a $100 loan (explained below) save $5 per year on their membership fee, paying $45 instead of $50.

  • Optional $100 loan -By providing an optional one-time $100 loan, you will support the future viability and sustainability of your co-op! Your loan is fully repayable upon leaving the co-op. There are perks to being a loan holder!  If fees are paid in full for the year, loan holders receive $5.00 off their membership fee each year (paying $45 instead of $50); with your loan you are investing more in your co-op; loan holders enjoy IOU privileges (if you forget your wallet you can take out your groceries using an IOU of up to $100.00 – some rules apply).

5. Enjoy being a member: Shop in the store, relax in our members’ room, read our member newsletter The Chronicle, and join us at an upcoming event. Welcome to Karma!

Still not sure about becoming a member? Come and do a one month Trial Shop! Shop with us for one month with no obligations at our lowest member prices.  You will soon discover why being a member has benefits! Sign up for a trial shop with a staff person. After your trial shop you may join as a member or continue to shop as a Guest Shopper (with a 15% surcharge).

To learn more, read our Membership Handbook .[PDF]