Our Location

739 Palmerston Avenue
Toronto ON M6G 2R3

Special hours for vulnerable populations only:

Monday Closed
Tuesday-Sunday 11am to 12pm

Regular Store Hours:

Monday Closed
Tuesday-Friday 12pm to 7pm
Saturday-Sunday 12pm to 6pm
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The Social Events Committee brings members and non members together to explore and appreciate Karma Co-op’s range of expertise and resources.

Our free monthly events from September through June are tied to the seasons. These unique non commercial events are inclusive of all and aspire to walk the walk of Karma co-op principles. This is expressed through musical entertainment, creating community, tasting some wholesome home cooking featuring Karma products, sampling Karma’s snacks and produce from local gardens, while reusing a wide variety of resources.

At our exchanges, you don’t need to bring something to take something. Being Karma, it somehow always works out. For example, the Plant Exchange, a perennial favorite, always takes place on the first Saturday after the May 24 weekend. Chocolate Fondue at Valentines is always a big hit. The March Book and Yarn Exchange has grown in popularity. Please see Events for our latest happening.

At the heart of all of our Social Events is a welcoming spirit. We help to orientate curious visitors while providing informal tours about how Karma works. We help people with their shopping, share recipes and wellness techniques, provide gardening advice, household items, indoor/outdoor plants etc.

We would love to share the fun with some new SEC members. It is a great way to connect with both long time and new Karma members. If you or someone that you know who may be interested in joining the SEC Social Events Committee, please contact us at: socialevents@karmacoop.org