Our Location

739 Palmerston Avenue
Toronto ON M6G 2R3

Special hours for vulnerable populations only:

Monday Closed
Tuesday-Sunday 11am to 12pm

Regular Store Hours:

Monday Closed
Tuesday-Friday 12pm to 7pm
Saturday-Sunday 12pm to 6pm
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Karma will be instituting the following measures to improve the health and safety of our entire community:

Store Hours

  • New shortened shopping hours (see store hours)
  • Instituting vulnerable shopping hours for seniors and members with compromised respiratory and/or immune systems: 11 am to 12 pm Tuesday through Sunday.
    • Please note: Children and adults who are NOT vulnerable will NOT be permitted in the store during this time as their presence poses an increased risk to our vulnerable community members, especially seniors.

Visiting the Store

  • All members need to continue to be vigilant and not come to Karma unless symptom-free for 48 hours.
  • We are asking that any members who have tested positive or who have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, to please inform us. This is so we can take the proper action to inform any staff or member who may have been in contact with you.
    • To maintain confidentiality, only dates and approximate times of shops will be mentioned to concerned parties.
  • We are asking all shoppers to please follow the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s instructions to shop as infrequently as possible (MAX 1 per week). This will make our space safer for workers and shoppers since it minimizes the amount of individuals we are exposed to. PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.

Member Labour and New Members

  • Member labour in the store has resumed for set up, clean up and door monitoring shifts. You can sign up for work shifts online.
  • Until further notice, Karma will not be accepting new members or trial shoppers. This is to limit staff contact and interaction with people. If someone you know wants to shop at Karma, they are welcome to as Guests.


If you are coming in to shop, we please ask that you observe the following guidelines and be aware of the following changes:

  • Anyone entering the store is now required to wear a suitable mask over their nose and mouth. Wear a mask in the store at all times.
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before entering the store.
  • We will be limiting the number of shoppers at any given time in the store to 6. Staff will be monitoring this situation, and may ask members to step outside to maintain safe social distancing.
    • Avoid socializing in the store. We’re kindly asking that you go outside so we can keep the flow of shoppers moving and reduce risk of exposure for all.
    • If possible, do not bring children into the store. Don’t get us wrong, we ADORE your kids, but if bringing them inside can be avoided, we will keep our store safer for our vulnerable folks.
    • If you are not actively shopping, please wait outside so we can stay within our 6 shopper max and allow more folks to shop. This means avoiding shopping in pairs.
  • We will no longer be accepting cash or cheques. This is to minimize contact for staff, both at point of sale and at the bank when doing deposits.
  • Do not wear outside gloves or mittens in the store as they are a possible source of contamination for yourself and others.
  • The Bring Your Own Container program has resumed. Containers brought for refill be inspected at the door for cleanliness. Only cloth bags for refill are accepted as they can be easily washed. No plastic bags at this time.
  • We are discontinuing the sale of bulk nut butters, oils, vinegar and toothpaste until further notice.
  • Do not handle food unnecessarily.
  • We’d like to encourage members to wear masks when in public places, including at Karma. While not perfect, they are effective in reducing exposure to droplets.
  • Maintain physical distancing while in the store (we know it is tight, so allow enough shopping time so you can keep yourself and others safe).

Options for Members unable or unwilling to follow precautions

  • Members in quarantine or unable to come into the store may send a designated shopper on their behalf.
  • Members may also call the store, and staff will take an order over the phone and arrange a member to deliver groceries.
    • If you are still able to shop in the store, please do so. We want to reserve this service for those who are unable to make it to the store for reasons of vulnerability or quarantine.
  • Members who are able and willing to deliver groceries to other members can email manager @ karmacoop.org