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In a values-based organization, it is important to understand the economic, environmental and social impacts of the products we purchase and how they compare to our common values. The Food Issues Committee is responsible for ensuring that the values expressed in Karma’s product policy [PDF] are reflected in the store.

The food issues committee works to define and interpret the product policy, implement case studies to test different purchasing scenarios, and develop the implementation guide.

We are working to keep you more informed about new information or research within the food issues industry through articles such as the One Minute Activist. We inform members about blacklisted products which have been removed from the Karma shelves because they do not fall within the spirit of the product policy.  We also highlight new products on our page.

The Non-GMO Project

The Food Issues committee is excited to announce that Karma Coop has officially joined the Non- GMO Project.  This not-for-profit organization conducts third-party verification and labelling for non-GMO products in North America.  It represents the organic and natural products industry and provides consumers with updated information about genetically engineered technology that impacts our health and food systems.

Our mandate

  • To develop and maintain a process for product purchasing that adheres to Karma’s product policy.
  • To connect with food suppliers and distributors and research product ingredients to determine GE status.
  • To reduce, if not eliminate, GMO products from Karma‚Äôs store.
  • To discuss food issues priorities and actions to be taken on an ongoing basis with Karma members.

Contact Us

Contact us at: foodissues@karmacoop.org or using the form below. We welcome any questions of concerns you have relating to products that Karma carries or any food issue you would like us to investigate. We also encourage members to share any helpful information with us.

We are also looking for new members to help research, identify, and catalogue any potential GMOs existing within products sold at the store. We hope to find better alternatives that adhere to Karma’s Product Policy and to create an Implementation Guide to aid staff and give members better, healthier choices. If you are interested in joining us for monthly meetings and/or to assist in our research, please email: foodissues@karmacoop.org.